Pixelated 2D Animation NFT

Exotic ape is pixelated animation NFT created by ❤ from Indonesia. Exotic Ape available on Solana & NEAR Blockhain



Exotic Ape is 1st brand NFT from WD Studio. We have vision to help other people from our successful auction or any sale happen. There will be weekly drop on Solana Blockchain or NEAR Blockchain

The main reason Exotic Ape available on 2 blockchain is to provide user more choice what they want. Solana and NEAR is the best way to create NFT because the fee is so low and the speed transaction is fast!

Exotic Ape Collection

Below is our NFT created by WD Studio so far, NFT below will available on Solana or Near Blockchain

Exotic Ape Bee

Exotic Ape Paras

Exotic Ape Sniper

Exotic Ape Phantom



Phase 1

Build Community and Partnership​

Phase 2


100 Exotic Ape Auction. 3 NFTs per week. 10% Of our auction will go to Trusted Indonesia Charity 

Phase 3


Each NFTs are unique. Exotic Ape holder will get chance to join secret discord channel. We will help you to launch your own NFTs auction

Phase 4


Long-term, our vision is to help other people to create their own project! Let’s grow together for better Solana Ecosystem

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